ROCK Exposure


Teen Developmental Programs

ROCK Exposure focuses on teen development. The Exposure program was developed in response to what appeared to be an increased lack of hope in today’s young people. The program is designed to help students create a vision and plan for their future. Exposure motivates, inspires and instills hope in today’s youth.

The ROCK desires all youth to become successful adults and for them to be empowered to ensure their own success. The Exposure program currently offers three main areas of focus:

  • Drivers Education
  • Developmental Asset Building Curriculum
  • Resources to bridge the gap

ROCK Exposure Builds Developmental Assets

Evidence based research completed by the SearchInstitute © has shown that when developmental assets are increased in students, risk taking behavior decreases. The ROCK provides ROCK Exposure which is an instructor-led program designed to increase developmental assets in our community’s youth. The Exposure program is designed to help students create a vision and plan for their future. Exposure motivates, inspires and instills hope in today’s youth.

 Accelerate is the newest addition to The ROCK Exposure program and will be available early in 2013. It will work with teens on critical areas that move their loves forward including first job, first apartment, and first trades or college and tangible life-skills. First job will help connect the dots and provide resources and mentorship for interviews, resumes, applications, immediate transportation and basic skills. First apartment will help with understanding the processes and commitments of consumer’s energy, leases, and setting up an apartment, and living independently. First college or trades will help with campus visits, finding and applying for financial aid, registration and student loans. Tangible life-skills that apply to all areas will include budgeting, banking, credit cards, living independently, and being a responsible adult. Potential candidates for the Accelerate program will demonstrate a strong interest in success in their own lives, will be actively involved in achieving this success, and will have completed one of our developmental asset building programs. There are limited financial resources available to assist with basic needs such as personal items, required clothing, and immediate transportation.

The ROCK has partnered with The Legacy Center for Community Success to measure developmental assets of participants in the ROCK Exposure courses. While parents, teachers and students testimonials that ROCK Exposure has had a significant positive influence on participant’s lives is convincing, evidence-based results prove the significant value of these courses. After analyzing the data, Dr. Jacquelyn Light of The Legacy Center reported:

“As a group, the students scored higher in all eight developmental asset categories after participating in the ROCK Exposure Program. Moreover, this difference was statistically significant in every asset area for the combined group. Thus, the empirical data show that the Exposure Program curriculum positively impacts students. The most significant difference was seen in the developmental asset category Positive Identity suggesting that the students have higher levels of self-esteem and a more positive view of their future after participating in the program.”


The ROCK also conducts ongoing pre and post surveys. We measure the student’s perceptions about themselves, their future, what they can control in their lives, school, change and more. It also measures knowledge specific to the course. These surveys will demonstrate if there is an increase in knowledge and a change in attitude.

The inner changes experienced by the teens who participate in this program increases the likelihood for success in most other programs. For example, students who participated during the 2011 summer school at Meridian High School experienced an improved attendance rate the next semester that surpassed the school norm and grade point averages that surpassed their peers.

These programs would not be possible without the support of many individuals and organizations that partner or provide funds to offset the expense of delivering the courses.

Partnering Organizations

  • Academic and Career Education Academy (ACEA)
  • Bullock Creek Schools
  • Coleman Schools
  • Meridian Schools
  • Midland City Police
  • Midland Community Center
  • Midland Public Schools
  • Midland County Juvenile Care Center
  • SAVANT Group
  • Windover High School

Funding Organizations

  • Blessed Sacrament
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Dow Corning Foundation
  • Dow Corning Donor Advisory Fund
  • Kiwanis
  • Memorial Presbyterian Church
  • Midland Area Community Foundation
  • Midland County Youth Action Council
  • Midland Rotary Community Needs
  • Rotary Foundation
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church

The ROCK Exposure Program…is about the 11th-grade boy who won’t become a generational statistic. He is the youngest of four children and not only will he be the first to graduate high school, but he will do so without a criminal record or a baby of his own. He heard the community leaders who mentored him and invested in his life when they told him, “You can choose to rise above it all and beat the odds…you’ve got what it takes.” This 11th grader is proving that he does have what it takes and is learning to be a good steward of his own life.


Drivers Education

The ROCK Youth Center has partnered with King of the Road Driving School to provide quality drivers education at an affordable price at The ROCK Youth Center. Parents can transport or Bullock Creek students can travel by bus to The ROCK. The ROCK provides supervision before and after class giving parents peace of mind.


Having a driver’s license helps increase the likelihood of success for many young people. They are now able to drive to jobs, extra-curricular school activities and eventually college.


Students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to driver’s training may apply for scholarships. If you are a student interested in applying for a scholarship or are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please contact the ROCK office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.