ROCK Grounded

IMG 0615On-site Programs

ROCK Grounded is our on-site program and is our longest running program, established in 2001 when we first opened our doors

Students come from all over Midland and the surrounding areas. They walk, get rides or take County Connection to get to the facility. Bullock Creek schools bus students here every school day.

ROCK Grounded allows us to have weekly and often daily opportunities to build relationships with all of our students. During the school year we offer every student a hot evening meal. ROCK Grounded allows us to have weekly and often daily opportunities to build relationships with many of our students

ROCK Grounded is comprised of three main components:


  • No cost to students
  • Every Friday night
  • Supervised by staff and adult volunteers
  • Gym, music, hang-out, billiards
  • Video games, arcade games
  • Organized activities and free time

After School

  • No cost to students
  • Free hot meal
  • Completely new Computer lab with internet access
  • Tutoring and Homework help
  • Gym, video games, arcade games
  • Cooking, Crafts, and more!

Summer Camps

  • Low cost to students (scholarships offered)
  • Organized activities and free time
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Field trips

Check out our Calendar of Events to see the wide variety of Grounded events offered each month!

ROCK Grounded offers many opportunities to involve community partners and is enhanced as a result of the community members and organizations that continue to be a part of The ROCK.


The CAGE (Computer and Gaming Experience)

The CAGE was created as a computer lab and gaming area for students attending the afterschool and Friday night programs on site at The ROCK Youth Center. We have 7 computers set up where students can do homework, use their facebook or just play games. There are also large screen tv's for video gaming.  Only approved games by The ROCK upper management are allowed to be played.  Some games are "M" rated.  There are only a couple of these games which are allowed to be played and students must have permission from their parents in order to play them.  Download a "M Rated Games Mission Slip" and bring it with you to The ROCK.   If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to call Lacey.

The ROCK Grounded Program…is about the 8th-grade girl who runs in from the bus and yells, “What’s to eat?” She throws her backpack to the ground and heads for the Office Manager. “Hey, math stunk but my art project is amazing! I have to go eat I’m starving – Love you see you tomorrow!” Translated she is saying, “I know The ROCK cares about my struggles and will help me to succeed. I know that The ROCK will feed me when I’m hungry. I know that The ROCK accepts me as I am. Committed, caring and consistent - I know The ROCK will be there for me – every day.”