ROCK Grounded

IMG 0615On-site Programs

ROCK Grounded is our longest running program, established in 2001 when we first opened our doors. What began as a simple idea, providing a safe space for teens, has blossomed into so much more.

ROCK Grounded currently operates daily during the school year at three locations: The ROCK home base, Jefferson Middle School, and Northeast Middle School. Each program offers a multitude of experiences for our community’s youth.

At our home base in Bullock Creek, kids are cooked a meal, have access to a tutor, and can hang out with staff, utilizing our full facility which includes: computer access, a gym, café, video games, table hockey, ping pong, and a number of other exciting activities.

Our new program locations, Jefferson and Northeast, take place primarily in the cafeteria of each school. Here, the students are offered a snack, a homework help program coordinated between tutors and teachers, outdoor activities, games, guest speakers, and more.

The beauty of the program is what lies beneath those activities: games that teach kids about character, sports and other outdoor activities that keep kids active and promote team-building skills, and guest speakers who teach students valuable life lessons and introduce them to new experiences. Underlying all of that, simply by being there for our students we can positively impact our community’s youth. We are able to provide a safe space for students who might otherwise go home to an empty house. We are able to develop relationships with youth who might not have many positive role models in their life. We are able to help those students who have a difficult time making friends by creating a built-in group that feels more like family.

The Bullock Creek program, located at The ROCK and available for area youth in middle or high school, runs Monday through Thursday 2:30-6:00. Students, with permission, are able to ride a school bus to The ROCK.

The Jefferson and Northeast programs are available for middle school students who currently attend Jefferson or Northeast. These programs run Monday through Friday 2:30-5:30. There is a nominal fee associated with the middle school programs in order to support its continuation. We ask that all payments be received through our office, whether via mail or in person. Parents and students, please do not bring payments to our Jefferson or Northeast staff. The ROCK also believes that every student should have access to our programs, regardless of barriers. Therefore, we may waive the fee, should it be a financial hardship. 

Programs at our Bullock Creek location, Jefferson, and Northeast operate as a drop-in facility. As such, parents or guardians may drop off or pick up their children at any point during our hours of operation. Parents may sign up their students for any of our locations by contacting our office or by having their student drop in at the program.