ROCK Unplugged


Off-site and Community-wide Programs

ROCK Unplugged is our off-site program, established in 2007, when The ROCK made the decision to actively work to meet teens where they are. As high school students mature and learn to drive they are more likely to participate in activities independent of adults. In the Unplugged program, The ROCK works with community partners and takes large, relevant events to locations where teens gather. ROCK Unplugged can be an important entry point for teens to engage with The ROCK or other valuable service organizations in the Midland area.

One well-known offering under the ROCK Unplugged program is the 24’ Mobile ROCK Climbing Wall. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, our trained staff members bring the wall to community and private events around the area. This safe, challenging and fun activity is always well received!

Unplugged helps The ROCK:

  • Maintain connections with older students
  • Maximize community partnerships
  • Provides positive activity opportunities for families
  • Support community events
  • Accomplish the mission of The ROCK Youth Center


Some examples of ROCK Unplugged events are:

  • Pool Parties
  • High School Spring Break Parties
  • Middle School Spring Break Parties
  • High School Halloween Parties
  • Middle School Halloween Parties
  • 24' Mobile ROCK Climbing Wall
  • Battle of the Bands 

Much more Check out our Calendar of Events and join us at an upcoming Unplugged event!
ROCK Unplugged Program…is about the 16-year-old making new friends at a supervised party. It is cool and different enough that he doesn’t go out drinking that night. He is relieved when, because he chose to spend his evening with The ROCK, he doesn’t get busted with his other friends that night for drinking and driving. This 16-year-old made a good choice – in fact, good choices are beginning to become a habit.