Programs Overview

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The ROCK has three umbrella programs, ROCK Grounded (after-school programs), ROCK Exposure (Life skills and character development programs) and ROCK Unplugged (medium and large events). While each of these programs serves a unique and critical need, they are highly interdependent and complementary of one another and most importantly, they support the identified needs of the youth in our community.

In 2006, The Legacy Center for Community Success (TLC) and the SearchInstitute© surveyed 6th - 12th grade students in Midland County to measure external and internal developmental assets and to assess risk taking behaviors.

External assets
Relationships and opportunities that young people experience in their families, schools & communities

Internal assets
Competencies and values that youth develop internally to guide behaviors and choices

Risk taking behavior
Those that compromise youth’s well-being and likely lead to negative, potentially life threatening consequences

The survey findings identified areas of need in our community as well as specific risk-taking behaviors. The survey reached 6,322 youth in the 6th to 12th grades, representing 81% of the youth population in this age range. The results included the following findings among the youth surveyed:

  • 40% lack involvement in youth programs
  • 69% did not have adult role models
  • Approximately 50% of our youth lack resistance skills, personal power, restraint and a sense of purpose

Kids ice skatingIn 2010 the Midland Area Community Foundation, The Legacy Center for Student Success, and The Health and Human Services Council of Midland County led the development of the Midland County Youth Master Plan , with the objective to Inspire and guide Midland County youth oriented organizations to support and provide positive opportunities for our youth to flourish and thrive.

The developmental assets survey from 2006 was administered again in 2011 with the results showing significant improvement overall in Developmental Assets compared to 2006 with a corresponding reduction in overall risk-taking behaviors. However, there was no increase or was a decrease in six areas, and there are still significant gaps.

The ROCK’s proven programs effectively leverage community partnerships in support of the Midland County Youth Master Plan and to address the gaps identified in the 2006 and 2011 TLC survey. All aspects of The ROCK programming are designed to “immunize” our youth against risk-taking behaviors and to instill in them a hope for, vision of, and path to a bright future.