Ethics and Core Values

DSC06170I. Mission

The mission of the ROCK Youth Center is to provide every youth with unconditional love, support, respect, a safe environment, guidance and a model of healthy behavior

II. Personal and Professional Integrity

The ROCK Youth Center staff, affiliated consultants, volunteers and board members act with honesty and openness as representatives of our organization and in their interactions with one another. The ROCK Youth Center promotes a working environment that values respect, candor, and fairness, and does so within the context of the core values listed above.

III. Governance

The ROCK Youth Center board of directors operates in partnership with our CEO to set the strategic direction for the organization, as well as oversee finances, operations, and policies as set forth in the organization's articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board regularly reviews the business plans, activity reports, financial statements, and policies of the organization to ensure alignment with its mission and goals, as well as compliance with nonprofit legal standards. Within the context of these responsibilities, the board seeks to demonstrate the principles of exceptional governance.

The ROCK Youth Center operates under a number of key policies, including but not limited to the following: conflict of interest, investment and board-designated reserves, non-discrimination and anti-harassment, travel reimbursement, and whistleblower.

IV. Legal Compliance

The ROCK Youth Center and its professional advisors are knowledgeable of and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

100 0412V. Responsible Stewardship

The ROCK Youth Center prudently manages its funds, whether they are contributed revenue, earned income, or investment income. The organization strives to spend a majority of its annual budget on programs in pursuance of its mission and while minimizing administrative expenses without adversely affecting accounting systems, internal controls, fundraising, competent staff, and other expenditures critical to professional management and organizational sustainability. The ROCK Youth Center does not accumulate excessive operating funds and maintains a responsible level of reserves to enable our organization to respond to philanthropic trends and opportunities to better serve our clients.

VI. Openness and Disclosure

The ROCK Youth Center provides comprehensive, timely information to the public, media, donors, and other stakeholders, and is responsive to all reasonable requests for information. All public information about our organization fully and honestly reflects its policies and practices. Essential financial information about The ROCK Youth Center, such as the Form 990 and audited financial statements are available at The ROCK immediately upon request.

VII. Program Evaluation

The ROCK Youth Center regularly reviews program effectiveness and employs mechanisms to incorporate lessons learned into future programs and business planning processes. The organization is committed to improving its effectiveness for the benefit of our clients, and the community overall, and has developed a comprehensive system for evaluating our work within the context of our theory of change and strategic plan.

DSC07229VIII. Inclusiveness and Diversity

The ROCK Youth Center maintains a spirit and practice of inclusiveness, and seeks staff, board members, volunteers and affiliated consultants who enrich our programmatic effectiveness through a diversity of experience, skills, cultures, and backgrounds. Our organization has a policy of equal opportunity for our staff and board, and does not discriminate in hiring, retention, promotion, board recruitment, partnerships, and population served.

IX. Fundraising

The ROCK Youth Center is truthful and forthright in its fundraising communications, respects the privacy rights of donors, and expends funds in a manner consistent with donor intent. Our organization appropriately acknowledges and recognizes donors for contributions received, and all solicitation materials accurately represent the organization's mission, objectives, and activities, as do related financial, organizational, and program reports.

Core Values

DSC07212The ROCK Youth Center, in carrying out its mission, and interacting with its youth, volunteers, and staff, embraces the following values:


The ROCK Youth Center champions the importance of effective board leadership and action. It empowers boards with the knowledge of good governance practices. It encourages staff initiative and leadership, and strives to be a model nonprofit organization.


The ROCK Youth Center adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. It is fair and respectful in its interactions and conscientiously steward the resources entrusted to us.


The ROCK Youth Center strives to deliver high-quality programs and services. The ROCK Youth Center grounds its work and decisions in insights gained from experience, knowledge and data. It promotes teamwork and diversity of thought to leverage knowledge and skills to continually improve its products and services for the benefit of the community and community teens.


The ROCK Youth Center is committed to generating positive change and approach problems in a practical, creative, and flexible manner. The ROCK Youth Center listens and understands the nature and needs of our clients and creates tailored solutions. It uses a collaborative approach with clients, partners, and donors to advance the cause for youth and expand its reach.


The ROCK Youth Center seeks diversity in all areas including race, religion, and gender. The ROCK Youth Center values the gain that comes from including and embracing ideas and diverse people.


The ROCK Youth Center is committed to developing dignity and self-respect in the individuals we serve, to our staff and volunteers and to all we come in contact with. The ROCK Youth Center appreciates the worth of each individual and intends to provide an environment that allows the dignity of all to flourish.